Plant and Animal Genome XXVII Conference January, 2019

GOBii team and collaborators at PAG From left to right: Michael Quinn, EiB director, Jean-Marcel Ribaut, BIP director, Trevor Rife, postdocat KSU, Liz Jones, GOBii director, Kevin Silverstein, Scientific Lead, […]

Genomic breeding workshop in China, August 6-8, 2018

Invited and sponsored by Shenyang Agricultural University, Star Gao, Kelly Robbins, and Kate Dreher held the first GOBii and EiB genomic breeding workshop in China this August 6-8. Over 70 participants attended the […]

GOBii Hackathon at ICRISAT – April 2018

Developers met at ICRISAT, India for a GOBii Hackathon to review topics such as HDF5 optimization, building a marker tools portal, and integrating GOBii with BMS (Breeding Management System). The […]

GOBii/EiB cross-project workshop showcases integrated breeding resources and tools to African partners

“We are at a pivotal point in time where there are several open-source data systems and analysis tools being built that can be utilized for developing country breeding programs. By […]

Open-source tools accelerate plant breeding in developing countries

Crop breeders in developing countries can now access free tools to accelerate the breeding of improved crops varieties, thanks to a collaboration between the GOBII project at Cornell University and […]