GOBii Data Manager (GDM) consists of a data loader, a database, file systems, data extract, and email notification. Communication between the layers occurs through web services.

For an overview of the GOBii system, please watch this 12 minutes video, GOBii Director, Dr. Liz Jones speaking at a recent GOBii training.

GOBii Overviewhttps://youtu.be/6qlvV6D_AMU

To see shorter clips of this presentation, please see:

Part (1) The GOBii project and who we are: https://youtu.be/QF4G-rdH4U8

Part (2) The technologies we chose to build a scalable genomics database: https://youtu.be/1vgyYFX7Yfw

Part (3) How we designed the GOBii system: https://youtu.be/bF78GgeM0EQ

Data Loaderhttp://cbsugobii05.biohpc.cornell.edu:6084/x/BoC_/

For overview of GOBii Data Loader and Loading Process, please watch this 5 minutes video, GOBii Quality Insurance Specialist, Deb Weigand speaking at a recent GOBii training: https://youtu.be/_BiEcT7wAYs

Data Extractorhttp://cbsugobii05.tc.cornell.edu:6084/x/SAHIAQ

GOBii GDM releases can be found at the link: http://cbsugobii05.tc.cornell.edu:6084/x/E4H7

GOBii GDM system is deployed through three corresponding dockers, i.e. web, compute, and database dockers as the diagram. You can request a demo version of GOBii GDM here http://cbsugobii05.biohpc.cornell.edu/wordpress/wp-admin/post.php?post=1552&action=edit