GOBii Genomics Data Manager (GDM) consists of a data loader, a database, file systems, data extract, and email notification. Communication between the layers occurs through web services

For more information, visit:  http://cbsugobii05.biohpc.cornell.edu:6084/display/GDocs/GOBii+System+Architecture


Data Loader: http://cbsugobii05.biohpc.cornell.edu:6084/x/BoC_/

Data Extractor: http://cbsugobii05.tc.cornell.edu:6084/x/SAHIAQ

GOBii GDM releases can be found at the link: http://cbsugobii05.tc.cornell.edu:6084/x/E4H7

GOBii GDM system is deployed through three corresponding dockers, i.e. web, compute, and database dockers as the diagram. A evaluation version of GOBii GDM is under construction and coming up soon.